Zantaya Films

Project information
The art of manufacturing moments is the most singular task, freezing scenes or arranging them on a long take is what sometimes means “absence of disturbance”. But, how to self-signify in other elements? Zantaya is a sanskrit word that means “absence of disturbance” and it is there this movie starts. It is intimist, professional and well fluid, it is simple, objective and clear, this is the creative process of Zantaya. The greatest challenge was to suppress those conceptual elements into a solution that “self-mirrored”, that was versatile, simple and consistent. The almost epiphanic path was to explore the geometric forms as an imagetic solution, something that created meaning through that scope in a “niche” way, without losing the vanguard and the objectivist essence that the weight of the geometric forms bring.
Design and motion
Lukas Arujo
VG500 by Justin Bihan