Vora®Creative Collective

Project information
Here has always been our space, our blank canvas. The place where we could explore the most. Our goal has always been to create and be part of something, a group, a collective, where we can join forces and share the results (and so it was). Vora, in Catalan, means "edge," which speaks volumes about what we were: margin, contour, sketch. The essence of working on the premise of the margin (or marginal) is that we could redefine what it means to be on it and how it can return to us and to the outside. Vora's greatest challenge was working with abstract meanings and bringing new solutions to something that, for us, was somewhat ordinary. In the project, I integrated the entire creative process of naming, platform and brand structuring, visual identity, and graphic materials. Based on the meaning of "edge," we structured the lower corners as graphic elements to explore the brand's ascent. It starts at the edge and ends at the top. This was not just a graphic play, but rather the mantra that guided the choices. It was not simply about creating graphic pieces, but about doing design, and that speaks more about people and relationships than about the graphic pieces themselves.
Design, motion, naming
strategy and tone of voice
Lukas Arujo
Halyard by Eben Sorkin