Mercado Selvagem

Project information
Mercado Selvagem (Wild Market) is one of those places where you find the best things for a pleasant afternoon or evening, and the challenge couldn't be any different. It's a kind of deli with a select stock of special wines and carefully chosen accompaniments. We created the brand looking at the wild, a fox that brings this more organic and mystical air to a construction that, while talking about a cool contemporary scenario influenced by art, connects with the fable of the fox and the grapes, and also looks at the manual processes that we can affectionately call primitive or gestural. This mix resulted in a more flexible typography that generates a more intimate and sober construction. The visual universe brings a gestural approach that aims to value the personal touch of working with hands and paying attention to every detail, while also connecting with organic products. The result is a contemporary and connected brand that doesn't forget its origins and values its processes.
Lukas Arujo
Tulio Pinto ↗
Gal Gothic by Blackletra