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Insecurity and fatigue take over customers who hire an electricity service: poor customer service, abusive price increases, disregard for quality, lack of transparency, and control over their bills. The world needs a new energy. LUZ is a brand conceived for the digital supply of electricity - something unprecedented in Brazil - through a groundbreaking proposal for streamlining and renewing the electricity sector, providing simple, digital, and intelligent access to energy consumption. For a complex problem, a simple solution. Based on Alexandria Group's strategic thinking, Pharus Bright Design drew inspiration from the shape of fluorescent light bulbs to create the graphic design and logo. In this modular play, we can create, reinvent ourselves, have movement, and bring energy. Typography is a separate theme - created specifically for LUZ - to dialogue with the previous elements, as well as convey information cleanly and clearly in the digital realm, also providing brand identification in all touchpoints.
Erick Fugii
Lukas Arujo

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LUZ by Plau