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Clickbus is Brazil's largest bus ticket marketplace, revolutionizing an industry still reliant on in-person purchases. Faced with post-pandemic changes and competition, the brand reinvented itself to provide a more reliable and comfortable travel experience. The strategy evolved from a mere marketplace to a platform offering solutions for travelers, bus operators, and partners, actively becoming part of the customer journey. Clickbus' new identity is captivating, inclusive, and innovative, featuring a symbol representing a bus and two eyes, symbolizing travel memories. The purple color remains dominant, preserving the brand's charisma. The verbal strategy highlights the ease of travel across Brazil and problem-solving with a lighthearted and solution-oriented approach. Clickbus sets itself apart with its extensive destination offerings, one-click purchase convenience, and travel comfort. The brand promotes transformative journeys, valuing the journey itself over just the tourist destination. The tagline "Travel changes us" encapsulates this philosophy, encouraging people to experience the transformations that travel can provide. In communication, Clickbus uses departure and destination fields to represent the transformations in people's lives after a trip. The media strategy involves partnerships with companies that enhance the transformative travel experience, smart digital media segmentation, and television advertising to raise awareness of the brand's new positioning.
Lukas Arujo
Rafael Torres

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Ana Couto Branding ↗
Carbona by Plau