Cine Vira Lata

Project information
There is also cinema below the equator - and very good, indeed. Being a "vira-lata" here means embracing the intrinsic value of Latin productions through a distinct Brazilian perspective - the "vira-lata complex" is essentially placing oneself in a less prominent position compared to foreign achievements. And what better way to talk about cinema highlights than through the spotlight itself? They illuminate, enhance, and enrich. The language solution here not only highlights but also brings closer, creating intersections between simplicity and quality, because this cultural richness needs to transcend borders and be noticed everywhere. The highlighting approach creates space for discussions, interventions, and above all, it showcases the respective productions. The colors are warm, vibrant, and reflect much of this cultural richness we possess. This approach not only celebrates Latin cinema but also invites the audience to appreciate and explore a diverse cinematic universe filled with authentic stories. It is an opportunity to break free from stereotypes and value the originality and cultural expression emanating from this region. Cinema below the equator deserves recognition and applause, and we are here to bring forth the brilliance that illuminates the screens and connects us to powerful and moving narratives.
Lukas Arujo
Odisseia by Plau
Gal by Blackletra