Café Memo

Project information
The challenge was to develop a coffee brand that reflected the suburban artistic identity of São Paulo, conveying contemporary and accessible aspects with practical and low-cost solutions. We appropriated the marginal language both in the name and in the graphic solution. "Memo," while being Brazilian slang for "very, really" (mesmo) - an adjective representing origin, can also be remembered as a fragment of memory, which is explored in the photographic guidelines. At the same time, we embraced stencil as a device of suburban expression, reducing practical material costs and resulting in an authentic language. Memo is a brand that was born in the outskirts and aims to offer quality coffee at affordable prices. The name reflects this desire in a colloquial manner. The graphic language, although contemporary, appropriates movements of marginal expression to position itself as a brand that not only communicates with this audience but also understands their needs. The project strives to be simple, objective, and above all, authentic.
Design, motion, naming
strategy and tone of voice
Lukas Arujo
Cy by Supertype
Space Mono by Colophon