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Body and music - that's Barbatuques - a renowned musical group in Brazilian culture that uses the body as its main instrument in compositions. With its new visual identity, it aims to harmonize the group's new phase and attract new generations as an audience. Thus emerges the concept of "sonorous and visual body." The musical bodies of Barbatuques are represented as "graphic bodies," in lines and strokes that mimic the sound, movement, and the relationship between body and music. Our goal was to rejuvenate a group that already held great relevance in Brazilian culture with greater consistency and its own personality. This meant building a more streamlined identity, combining a contemporary perspective with the essence of the group. To achieve this, we drew inspiration from creative experiments in dance and music, representing movements and vibrations through abstract drawings and vivid strokes. The vibrancy of sound in motion is captured by the dancing lines in each graphic piece, the icons take on stronger and more energetic forms, and the bold typography in uppercase represents the stage presence and impact of each performance.
Erick Fugii
Lukas Arujo
Rodrigo Gondim

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