Bar do Cofre

Project information
In 2019, I was challenged to create the brand for a new bar located in the basement of Farol Santander São Paulo. This trend, arriving in Brazil, explored a cutting-edge aesthetic and architecture inspired by the nightlife of the United States. The movement that became Bar do Cofre heated up the nights in downtown São Paulo, as it was installed within the vault of the former Banespão building. The brand needed to reflect the visual identity of Farol Santander São Paulo and convey its own essence. The result was a distinctive brand that naturally appropriated the existing elements. The visual universe applied to the architecture was an evolution of the previous brand, emphasizing the preferences of the local clientele. The colors used extended from the main brand, while the unique iconography brought a sense of lightness that resonates with the target audience. The brand of Bar do Cofre became an authentic and harmonious reflection of the space, connecting with its audience in a captivating way.
Lukas Arujo

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