Ativa Investimentos

Project information
With nearly 40 years of history, Ativa Investimentos is recognized in the financial market for its exceptional advisory services. Seeking to stand out in a popular market, the company underwent a renewal, repositioning itself as a democratic and entrepreneurial brand. Now, Ativa is more than an investment brokerage; it is a financial ecosystem that connects people and businesses, creating opportunities. With a visionary, collaborative, and experienced personality, the brand proposes a new path for the financial market, where evolution happens through collaboration and the building of connections. The new logo, colors, and verbal territory reflect the brand's energy, technology, and power. The launch campaign highlights Ativa's competitive advantages, emphasizing its ecosystem of solutions, up-to-date knowledge, collaborative culture, and excellence in advisory services. Through films and advertising pieces, the brand showcases how it connects and propels individuals, businesses, and society. The media strategy encompasses various online channels to reach different audiences, from experienced investors to those who have never invested before.
Fernanda Casas
Lukas Arujo

Other credits
Ana Couto Branding ↗
Ativa Typeface by Fabio Haag